Nature-Based Services

ReWild The Child NWA combines 25+ years of skilled therapy intervention  with the therapeutic benefits of nature to provide a meaningful and motivating experience for children to work towards their goals.

What does an nature-based therapy session in nature look like?

The therapeutic benefits of time spent in nature are numerous and well researched. Health benefits include: improved attention, improved mood, decreased feelings of depression and anxiety, decreased stress, improved endurance, and decreased risk of obesity.

What have we noticed in our outdoor sessions with our clients? Increased confidence, increased willingness to try hard things, increased social skills, a calmer and more content mood, and increased endurance to name a few.

Often our outdoor session begins with a therapeutic hike to warm up the muscles and calm the nervous system in preparation for our therapeutic tasks. We incorporate mindfulness throughout our outdoor sessions to increase self-regulation and awareness, and appreciation of nature and its elements. Therapeutic activities and exercises are goal directed to target developmental skills, yet motivating for children. We believe in a holistic approach to treating each individual and their unique needs.

What insurance does ReWild accept?

Currently we accept Arkansas Medicaid and BlueCross BlueShield. We also accept payment through Health Savings Accounts. ReWild is not a PASSE provider at this time.

How do I get my child nature-based services through ReWild?

Email us at to check insurance eligibility and get started.

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