Sensory Enhanced Aquatics

***Currently our aquatics program is on pause. We apologize for the inconvenience.***

Our aquatics program is appropriate for children with sensory processing difficulties, developmental disorders, as well as disorders of the bones, joints, and muscles. Our Sensory Splash program uses a warm water pool, a multi-sensory approach to explore senses in water for sensory integration and modulation.

Sensory Splash is designed to increase the child’s comfort of being in the water while working on important therapeutic components and traditional land goals.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy using warm water and aquatic techniques:
  • Child is in a natural recreational environment
  • Provides sensory processing input
  • Improves balance, strength, and endurance
  • Improves motor planning and body awareness
  • Improves respiratory and oral motor function
  • Improves motor coordination
  • Social interaction
  • Introduction of basic water skills to build foundation for a safer experience in the water
  • Relaxing and calming environment to perform therapy activities
Our program runs for 16 weeks, with one hour session per week throughout the year. 
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